1. The competition is only open to members of the Saltwood Club aged 18 and above.

  2. The competition starts with 47 identical keys in a key bag, only one of which opens a locked box located onsite.

  3. Members enter the competition to be in with a chance of being selected on a draw day to pick a key from the key bag.

  4. Each week, members can buy sequenced number(s); these will be entered into the draw for that week.

  5. A member can only buy the next available number(s) in sequence i.e., 1,2,3 / 4,5,6 they cannot choose a number out of sequence.

  6. A member can buy a number for a draw week for £2 or buy 3 for £5 in an individual transaction.

  7. Numbers purchased in a draw week will only be entered in that week’s draw, they cannot be used in any other draws.

  8. A limit of £20 per member per draw week will become applicable should the jackpot reach £1,500.00, until then a member is not limited to how many numbers they can buy in a draw week.

  9. The weekly draw is held on Sunday afternoons between 16:30 and 17:30.

  10. The club will use their random number generator to choose the member who will get the chance to pick a key, all numbers sold that week will be entered into the generator.

  11. The member chosen at random on Sundays will automatically win £10.

  12. The member chosen at random MUST be in attendance when the draw is held to be able to pick a key, if they are not in attendance when their number is called, they lose the chance to pick, but they do win the £10.

  13. If the first number generated belongs to a member who is not in attendance, a second number will be generated, that member will also win £10 and if they are in attendance, they will get the chance to pick a key.

  14. If the second number generated belongs to a member who is not in attendance, there will not be a third number generated and the jackpot will rollover to the following week’s draw.

  15. To win the key in the box competition, a member with the winning number who was in attendance when the draw was made, must choose the correct key from the key bag, and successfully open the box.

  16. If the member chooses the correct key and opens the box, they win the current jackpot.

  17. If the box is not successfully opened on a draw day, the jackpot will roll over to the following week’s draw.

  18. Each draw week is part of the same competition until the jackpot is won, this effectively ends that competition.

  19. If a key that is picked by a member in a weekly draw does not open the box, it will not be placed back into the key bag the following week, therefore reducing the number of keys available for a member to pick from (subject to rule 20).

  20. Keys picked by members that do not open the box will not be placed back in the key bag for the following week’s draw, until there are only two keys remaining.

  21. When there are only two keys remaining, and a member picks the incorrect key, that key will be placed back in the key bag for the following week’s draw.

  22. There will always be a minimum of two keys to pick from, only one of which opens the box.

  23. At the start of each draw the key that opens the box will be shown to do so, before being placed in the key bag by the staff member or committee member in charge of the draw.

  24. All prizes are paid in cash and will be paid to the winning member within 72 hours of the win being confirmed.

  25. The current draw jackpot will be advertised onsite at the Saltwood Club.

  26. By entering the competition, winners agree to have their name recorded in line with the Gambling Commission regulations.

  27. The Saltwood Club operates the competition in good faith and admits no liability or responsibility for any loss made by a member.

  28. The Saltwood Club takes no fee or commission for operating the competition.

  29. Numbers purchased are non-transferable.

  30. The Saltwood Club reserves the right to cancel weekly draws as and when required i.e. unforeseen circumstances, hardware issues, club closure. No tickets will be sold on cancelled weeks when The Saltwood Club is aware before sale starts, tickets sold on a draw week prior to cancellation will be refunded to the member who purchased them.

Please gamble responsibly, a copy of these rules can be found onsite at the Saltwood Club